Bigfry f.a.q.
frequently asked questions
Bigfry has the answers to the perplexing questions you keep coming up with!
Bigfry’s Big Hits is on LG73!
When is the big hits show on?
Bigfry’s Diner is on Fry-day nights at 7 Pacific, 9 Central (Fry-time) only on Max Radio, Vancouver's Variety. In accordance with Bigfry standards, the station broadcasts the entire show in Maxophonic Super Stereo for your listening pleasure. Be sure to order extra fries to munch on during the
“Would you like fries with that?”
the big question
People often wonder if there is more than one answer to this classic question. Technically there is only one acceptable answer: “Yes!” However, you may also use pop culture variants like “Yo!” or even “Hugh Betcha!”